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Hannitan Leather - Springs (South Africa)

Leather Link are the exclusive agents in the Western and Eastern Cape. We also service some Johannesburg clients to help Hannitan where we can. They are the largest UPHOLSTERY LEATHER manufacturer in South Africa and produce leathers exclusively on full grain and corrected grain bovine hides. Hannitan Leather are manufacturers of fine leathers suitable mainly, for UPHOLSTERY. We also manufacture leather suitable for the handbag , footwear and small leathergoods markets. When required , Hannitan can produce leather for the automotive and aviation sectors. The leathers are produced against the specifications required in these industries.

UITI - Upper India Tanning Industries - India

Leather Link are the exclusive agents in South Africa. UITI is the oldest existing tannery in India . It is and always has been a family owned business. UITI produces leather on buffalo mainly for the UPHOLSTERY industry. They do produce some shoe leathers on buffalo sides, like Crazyhorse, Barton Safety Shoe leather and pigmented splits. UITI also produce Safety Shoe UPPERS and completed Safety Shoes for the European market to EU standards

Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri - Italy

Leather Link are the exclusive agents in South Africa. If you are looking for QUALITY TPR COMPOUND for shoe soles, Franceschetti should be your preferred supplier. They produce TPR in MATT and SEMI MATT finishes as well as translucent and "crepe" looks. Colour matching to customer requirements is a norm for them.The TPR is available in various shore hardness. Their products are 100% recyclable, so we can do our bit for the environment.

Business Link - Pakistan

Leather Link are exclusive agents in South Africa, Business Link is a sourcing house based in Lahore, the heart of the Pakistan tanning industry.
They source finished leather in buffalo, buffalo calf and cow calf as well as crust hides for finishing by the tanning industry. The crust can be buffalo grain, cow grain as well as splits.

Leather Tech - Pakistan

Leather Tech has been established since 1989. The tannery can produce leather from raw hides to finished leather. They have a capacity to produce 1 million square feet per month in SPLITS and/or GRAIN leathers. In South Africa we mainly sell CRUST SPLITS and GRAIN LEATHER for the footwear and upholstery industry.

Gerber Leathers - Brazil

We have an association with Gerber Leathers in Brazil who source and inspect FINISHED LEATHER, WET BLU and CRUST HIDES in both Grain and Split leathers for Leather Link. Gerber Leather has been going since 2011 and source hides and leathers from Brazil and other South American countries.

Giaquinto Ennio W&S Snc - Italy

Rafaello Vernocchi has been in the footwear machines and mould making industry for over 30 years and has an excellent technical understanding of our customers requirements. Giaquinto produce aluminium and steel moulds suitable for direct injection moulding of PVC, TPR, Rubber , EVA and PU.The standard "unit sole" mould is a simple product that they produce everyday. The sophisticated CAD/CAM systems they have ,makes for precision engineering on all types of moulds they produce.

Ecorides - India
Based in Kanpur, Ecorides act as Leather Links sourcing and inspection agents in India for various types of leathers like buffalo, buffalo calf and cow calf.